FXR WiFi fix and rescue


Fixes a malfunctioned Wi-Fi.
Factory reset? Try this app first!

FXR is the ultimate Wi-Fi healer, it is a very light and simple yet powerful rescue application which can fix a malfunctioned or problematic WiFi.
It just might succeed where other apps have failed.
Currently 03-03-2011, according to the success vs unsuccess reports our success rate is 58% out of total reports.

Having a Wi-Fi problem?
Your Wi-Fi stopped working or seems broken?
If you are about to do a factory reset - try this application first, it might heal your device!

No promises made, no guaranties, but it has been tested on some devices with a malfunctioned WiFi which otherwise required factory reset and fixed the problem.
Here is the current list of devices which success reports were sent on:

HTC Desire/HD/Evo/G1/Glacier/Hero/Magic/Legend/G2

Motorola Droid/Milestone

Nexus One

Samsung GT-i5510/GT-i5700/GT-5800/GT-i9000/GTi9000M/GT-P1000/SPH-M900/SGH-i896/SGH-i897/SGH-T959/SHW-M110S/SHW-M130/SPH-D700/SPH-M900/SPH-M910/SPH-M920/

Sony Ericsson E15i/X10i


Unlike other Wi-Fi fix applications it does not run as a service on the backround, it does not add any cpu load, it does not consume your battery.
Just one click - activate it, let it do its magic, wait for a few seconds (up to about one minute) and thats it!

Please note - if your hardware is broken there isn't any software which can fix that. This app solves problems in Android OS which cause the Wi-Fi to stop working properly.

It is recommended installing this app now that your Wi-Fi does work so it will be available if Wi-Fi stopped working and your 3G is expensive.

Fixing wifi is just the first phase - in the near future we plan to add GPS and bluetooth fixing.

Last Updated:2011-09-19 02:20:14
File size:86KB
OS:Android 1.5 and up

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